The Bestsellers Joinery Products for 2023

The Bestsellers Joinery Products for 2023

Saw blades

Saw blades for wood, laminated chipboard, plastic, metal or Corian. Complete range of professional saw blades for all types of saws.

For power tools

For stationary saws

Router bits

Professional carpentry woodworking end mills brand IGM Professional, CMT Orange Tools and IGM Fachmann. Wide range of quality cutters for various uses for craft and professional production.

5 Main Router Bits for Everyday Tasks

So let's just have a look at the 5 crucial router bits with a 8 mm shank that every woodworker uses on a daily basis.

Comparison of downcut, upcut and an up-donwcut spiral cutter

What is the difference between a downcut, upcut and a down-upcut cutter?

Woodworking jigs

Jigs simplify work reducing the price of production


For gluing and joining wood and wood products.

Clamps & vises

Vises, frame and gluing clamps, workbenches and racks. Assembly tools and car accessories.

Measuring, marking & levelling

Levels, meters, protractors and other equipment for carpentry.

Woodworking machinery

For cutting, grinding, machining and turning wood. Extraction of dust and sawdust.

Power tools

For Manual Milling and Sanding of Wood, Plywood, Laminate and MDF.

Cutter heads & knives

Universal milling heads with exchangeable knives for both MAN and MEC material feed. Universal milling door set and milling head with precuts.

Drilling bits

Drills, countersinks, taps and plugs, but also quick-clamping, crown and mortise drills.

Slot mortising bits a Chisels

Countersink drills and spiral countersink drills, without and with chip breakers. Drills for through and non-through holes.

Hand tools

Tools for carpentry, knives, saws, planes, screwdrivers and attachments.

Bandsaw Blades

For cutting wood and similar materials on bandsaws.

Jig & sabre saw blades

Saw blades for oscillating, chipping and multi-function saws, for tails. Saw bands for band saws.

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