Universal Hinges Boring System

vrtací přípravek

The revolutionary drilling jig consists of a stand and 6 types of drill heads that can be mounted on that stand. This way, you can drill holes for various hinges: Hettich, Blum, Mepla, Grass, FGV, also for small 26 mm hinges, for window handles or use a head with 5 spindles and a 32 mm pitch to drill holes for dowels or shelf holders. Designed for use with hand drills or drill presses. For lubrication, use Mobil SHC100.

  • The transmission is made from a single piece of aluminium alloy.
  • You can also use it with a drill press within the speed of 5000rpm.
  • The drills are stored in 6 bearings for long service life.
  • Packed in a convenient plastic case.

Maximum versatility suiting all hinges.



IGM FMB4890 Multiboring Head 48-9 mm for MEPLA Hinges
Order Code: FMB4890
158.85 €
190.62 € incl. VAT
IGM FMB300 Universal Support for Multibore Heads
Order Code: FMB300
126.49 €
151.79 € incl. VAT
IGM FMB4595 Multiboring Head 45-9,5 mm for BLUM Hinges
Order Code: FMB4595
176.45 €
211.74 € incl. VAT
IGM FMB5255 Multiboring Head 52-5,5 mm for HETTICH, WÜRTH Hinges
Order Code: FMB5255
176.45 €
211.74 € incl. VAT
IGM FMB4300 Multiboring Head 43 mm for Window Handles
Order Code: FMB4300
176.45 €
211.74 € incl. VAT
IGM FMB3205 Multiboring Head 5 Spindles, Euro 32 mm
Order Code: FMB3205
302.00 €
362.40 € incl. VAT
Boring Hinges Head for Multispindle Machine, 45-9,5 mm BLUM, SALICE, HAFELE, HETTICH
Order Code: CMT334-4595
337.00 €
404.40 € incl. VAT