Mortising Jigs

Quick and easy mortise drilling is possible now

Mortise and tenon are one of the most used joints in the woodworking industry. There were a lot of woodworkers who at some point wondered how to quickly produce a tenon without a chisel or a mortiser, preferably just with power tools.

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IGM Mortising Jig for Classical Rebated Doors
Order Code: 137-JIG2
211.16 €
253.39 € incl. VAT
IGM Long Drill Adapter for Installation of Electric Locks
Order Code: 137-DBB-LDA
21.49 €
25.79 € incl. VAT
IGM Long Drill Bit for Wood - D10 x 950 mm
More options
27.63 €
33.16 € incl. VAT
IGM Cutter HM for Aluminium doors - D16 mm
More options
19.77 €
23.72 € incl. VAT
IGM Cutter HW for Wooden Doors - D16 mm
More options
23.58 €
28.30 € incl. VAT