Keep your workshop dust-free

Airborne dust particles are the greatest and most common enemy of every woodworker and DIYer working with wood. Not only for lungs, but also for the work itself.

Fine dust is produced particularly when sanding, but also when cutting, routing or planing wood.

Dust from hardwood is carcinogenic, even from the most commonly used wood such as oak or beech. Unfortunately, many people do not realize this or ignore it completely.

Regular dust collectors with a filter bag made of fabric can filter particles only up to about 30 microns. Particles smaller than 30 microns are gradually passing through the bag, especially when you turn the collector on. The fan starts spinning and fills the filter bag with air, literally blasting dust from the bag surface all over the workshop. A dust collector with fine filter cartridge or a cyclone dust collector can eliminate that.


Finger without dust
Cleaning dust by finger

Cutting with respirator

Plain dust collection without microfiltration is still widely used in most professional wood shops and obviously in smaller workshops.

Not even the cyclone dust collector with a microfilter guarantees a dust-free workshop. Some dust particles always escape before being sucked in by a blade cover on a table saw. Similarly, if you remove more material with a router in one go, the dust extractor won’t be able to collect all the dust.

To protect your health as much as possible, you would have to ventilate the workshop regularly, wear FFP3 respirator all the time and replace it regularly. But let’s be frank, who is willing to work with wind in the back and respirator on the face while repeatedly reheating the air?

For everyone who wants to protect their health, work comfortably without a respirator on the face and keep the workshop heated and dust-free, there is Laguna AFlux12 Air Filtration System, a powerful air filter.

What is the air filter for?

How does Laguna Aflux12 work, what exactly is it used for, who is it made for and what space is it suitable for?

Laguna Aflux 12 air filter can clean the air in your workshop quickly, removing airborne dust particles and fine dust that pass through a regular dust collector with a filter bag.

Aflux12 in workshop

How does the air filtration system work?

This air filtration system delivers an airflow rate of up to 2038 m3/h and is equipped with two fine filters.
The outer electrostatic filter filters out larger dust particles up to 5 microns.
The inner fabric filter filters out fine dust up to 1 micron in size. These two filters ensure clean, dust-free air in your workshop.

Elektrostatic filter
Fabric filter

Who and what space is it suitable for?

Definitely for everyone who wants to reduce the amount of dust in the workshop and those who care about their health.
A 10 x 10 m workshop 4 metres high will be cleaned in 12 minutes when running at the maximum rate. Therefore, it is suitable even for larger workshops.

No air filter can substitute a dust collector, but it will filter out fine dust produced when working with wood. Air filter also filters dust that passes through the filter bag of a dust collector without a filter cartridge.

Laguna Aflux 12 Air Filtration System

This system has a 150 W motor with adjustable airflow in three rates 917, 1240 a 2038 m3/h.


The air can be cleaned continuously or for one of four timer intervals. You can set the timer for half an hour, one, two or four hours.

With the remote control, you can control the system from anywhere. Place it on the ceiling, under the panel saw table, or on the workbench.

Aflux12 under the table
Aflux12 on the ceiling

The system is fitted with an airflow indicator on the side. The pointer shows you if the airflow through the filter is sufficient or too low. When low, filters need to be cleaned or replaced.


There are two filters in this air filtration system. The outer electrostatic filter filters out larger dust particles up to 5 microns. It is housed in a metal frame that protects it from physical and moisture damage, unlike other filters that are housed in a paper frame.

Filter in metal frame
Filter in paper frame
Cleaning with water

This allows you to clean the filter with compressed air or wash it in water.

The inner fabric filter filters out fine dust up to 1 micron in size. This filter has three pockets to increase filtration area. Filtered dust is collected in these pockets. This filter can be cleaned only by compressed air.

Cleaning with compressed air
Fabric filter - 3 pockets

It is recommended to clean both filters when the indicator signals you to. If the airflow is no longer sufficient after cleaning, you should replace the filter. The outer electrostatic filter needs to be replaced more often. After replacing the outer filter for the third time, we recommend replacing the inner filter as well.

Besides the air filter unit, one electrostatic filter and one fabric filter, the Aflux12 air filtration system is supplied with a remote control, two batteries, 4 rubber feet and 4 nuts and screws for mounting on the ceiling.


Keep safety and health in mind when working. Don’t let your job or hobby harm what you value the most.

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